I grew up collecting vinyl records in the mid 1990's way before it was the hipster thing to do. Most of the punk albums I listened to couldn't even be purchased on cassette tape or CD. If you were lucky, one of your friends might have a component record and cassette player combo that would allow you to bootleg a vinyl record of theirs you coveted to cassete tape. 

I was forced to acquire a majority of my music via mail order punk records (i.e., CRASS, Rudimentary Peni, Flux of Pink Indians, etc.) from Doctor Strange and Amoeba Records. People now clamber for the latest Summer hit and quickly discard of it by the proceeding Fall. In short, Vinly Preserve was born out of the current lack respect for the album as a concept and it's laborious production.

Vinyl Preserve is a personal project that is still currently in production.

Role: Logo Design, Interactive, Front-End Development