Summer Camp

Songkick Summer Camp


Multiple times a year, Songkick employees fly from all over the world to participate in a weeklong effort to strengthen as a team, receive hands-on training and listen to well-prepared keynotes (with the occasional animated gif). 


I had to rush to come up with a branding solution that felt like Summer, fun and give over 145 employees the sense they were about to embark into an intense but creative educational journey. I thought of my childhood and brands I used to love like Gekko clothing, Jimmy-Z and Stussy.


Due to time limitations, we had a difficult time procuring a vendor that could quickly turn around full color prints quickly. I reached out to my friend, Ryan Nole (Kangaroo Press, Nashville, TN.) and landed on a single color print option with a single pass of glow-in-the-dark ink. Ryan was able to turn around over 170 shirts in just three days. Everyone was surprised as we went around Manhattan at night. 

5 Year Platinum Record Award

We presented all 5 plus year employees with special platinum record awards. It was originally a tradition within Crowdsurge, but after the two companies merged, we wanted to reintroduce it. 


This was definitely a solid year for swag. We wanted to have things that could be reused around the office, in our personal lives, etc. We didn't want to get anything that would probably be thrown away in just a couple of days. It was a mad flurry to get all of this designed, approved, printed and delivered within a one week time frame. Somehow we did it.