"It isn't what we don't know that gives us trouble, it's what we know that ain't so."

- Will Rogers

My ethos as a designer is to strike the best possible balance between honoring users, achieving business objectives and delivering perceptively branded products. I'm happiest and deliver my best work in multi-variable/highly faceted project environments. My dedication to being a lifelong learner allows me to understand users, business objectives and products on a stakeholder level and not merely contribute as just another "employee." 


  • Advanced Photoshop Magazine (Issue #81)
  • Proxart Magazine (Summer 2011)
  • Initiativa Colectiva Magazine (Summer 2008) 
  • Abduzeedo
  • Behance
  • Humble Voice
  • The Avant Garage
  • From Up North

Folks I've Worked With 

Songkick, YouScience, Adele, MTV Networks, Target, Fox Television, Chaotic Moon, Songspace, Barnes & Noble, Petzl, Wonderbag, Army National Guard, the Fray, Sub Pop Records, Costco, Epic Records, the Parent Advisor, Sabre Defense Rifles, Barret Rifles, Learn & Master Learning Series, Nokian Tires, Deloitte. 

Good Vibes

“Working with Justin was a pleasure. Creatively, the work was top-notch, but equally important was his ability to listen, communicate, and quickly grasp the nuances of our brand and project. He works fast, and the time he put into understanding our company's perspective really paid off, as we needed very few revisions throughout our process. I would recommend him for any project, as he is a highly creative and effective team player.”
- Jesse Feister, Co-Founder, Director of Strategy at Songspace

“Justin understands how to work with a team to internalize their vision, and then communicate it to them through design in a way beyond what they had envisioned themselves. He did that for us, and our launch was a success thanks to his design approach.”  
Marcus Whitney, CEO/Jumpstart Foundry 

The Gist 

Born and raised in Southern California, I experience the whole landscape from Coronado Island to Los Angeles. I was exposed to the arts from a young age via skate, punk and hip-hop culture. My Grandfather was an illustrator for Douglas Aircraft and consistently encouraged me to pursue art. 

In High School, my taste for music began to grow and began to play and do small tours with several indie bands. In turn, this introduced me to the world of merchandising and screen printing. Slowly I began to grow a list of clients, mainly bands and small record lables. Eventually decided to attend college for design in Pasadena, Ca. After my freshman year in college, I was hired by a software company for UI design and front-end development. Since then I've worked for many ad agencies, startups and even taught several semesters at Watkins College of Art & Design.